"The objects of the Club are to promote interest in the visual arts and to provide a common meeting ground for amateur and professional artists"



Autumn Programme 2018


All meetings are held at the Age Concern Building in Hassocks (BN6 8LW ) from 7:30pm until 9:30pm. Membership is required but visitors may attend for a small fee of £5. Members are required to pay £1 to attend a demonstration. Please contact us for more information.  




09th January - Johnathan Newey

A welcome start to the season and the new year begins with a visit from Johnathan who will astound us with a beautiful and unique Wildlife image using graphite & colored pencils.


30th January - Anthony Nield

A very warm welcome to Anthony, who will be demonstrating how to work effectively with Line & Wash to capture and create a Village scene.


13th February - Adrian Leppenwell

A warm welcome to Adrian who will be taking us through the steps of creating an effective and beautifully soft/loose Watercolor landscape painting.


6th March - Colin Brown

We are delighted to welcome Colin. Colin will be working in Acrylics to capture and create a distinctive, vibrant and energetic street scene for us.


27th March  - Curtis Tappenden

A very warm welcome back to Curtis, who will be entertaining and inspiring us by analyzing the breadth of sketchbooks, how we use them and how we can use them more effectively -

'Better Sketch-Booking'.


24th April - Sharon Hurst

A very warm welcome to Sharon who will be using her talents as a Shin Han Watercolorist to show us how to create and capture an effective Fantasy Landscape.


8th May - The Weald of Sussex Art Group - AGM

AGM - We would like to invite and welcome you all to our Annual General Meeting. 7.30 - 9.30, Age Concern Hall, Hassocks.


22nd May - Phil Gazz

We look forward to welcoming Phil for the first time who will be taking us through the process of portraiture using Charcoal.